Types of website design

Shownotes: Struggling to decide what sort of website would suit your business? I give you a brief summary of how web design has evolved as well as the different types of websites out there. I’ve also got recommendations based on my experiences as a web designer for which one you should probably choose. If you … Read more

Working with a web designer

Shownotes: Creating your own website can be a fun experience but it can eat up your time and sometimes involve too much tech that quite frankly you’ve got no idea about. The obvious thing is to get a professional to help and that would be a web designer. However that brings with it more questions. … Read more

Why wordpress?

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How do I link emails to my website?

Shownotes: Emails feel like they’ve been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. That may well be an exaggeration (ok, it IS an exaggeration!) but many believe that emails just happen and they just work. However, we’ve all been there when someone says ‘did you get that email last week?’ and we check our inbox … Read more

What is a domain?

Shownotes: When starting a new business there are multiple metaphoric plates to spin and key decisions to make. One of those decisions is intrinsically linked to your online presence i.e. your website. The domain name you select will be with you and your business for as long as you have that business (unless you decide … Read more

What is hosting?

Shownotes: Running a website is a careful balancing act of all the right ingredients and as with anything there are some things that are essential to the mix. Hosting is one of them. It is also one of the most important but in my experience many people get scared talking about it and worry that … Read more

What Platform Should You Choose?

Shownotes: When starting a business, getting a website is often one of the first tasks to take care of but where do you start? In this episode I talk through the 3 main options available and also I offer my advice on how to choose the right one to suit you and your business. I take … Read more

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Shownotes: Selling your services and products as a business owner is your number one goal so you need to use as many different tools to help you succeed. One of them is creating your own business website and in this episode I share my top 3 reasons why. I know that you want to stand … Read more