Shownotes: Deciding what you want your potential customer to see first when they arrive on your business website can be tricky. Too much and you risk overwhelming them, too little information, you risk them not finding what they are looking for. Either way they are going to leave your website before you’ve had a chance … Read more

FAQ page

Shownotes: You are an expert of everything your business says and does but your potential customers are not. Therefore what you write on your website to help them understand what you do is extremely important. You cannot assume anything. And this is where frequently asked questions help support you to support them. I talk about … Read more

Testimonials page

Shownotes: We all like to be told we’ve done a good job. We all like to read the reviews when we are deciding whether to buy something. In fact we are all heavily influenced by what other people think and so leveraging testimonials for your business is a no-brainer. This episode looks at the difference … Read more

Portfolio page

Shownotes: Showing off what you and your business does in the right way is sure to be a winner for your potential clients. If we’ve never bought from a company, we need reassurance that they know what they are doing and one way to provide this is to show them the work you’ve done for … Read more

Legal page

Shownotes: There are many things your website needs to do for your business but that doesn’t mean you can do what you like. There are rules. The internet has rules. A website must adhere to these regulations and rules in order to be legally compliant. It will depend which country you are in and where … Read more

Services page

Shownotes: Being able to define what you can offer your potential customers and displaying it in a way they can understand is essential to the success of your website. Your services page should sing your praises loud and proud and get right to the nitty gritty of what you and your business can do, This … Read more

Blog page

Shownotes: For many the word ‘blog’ is old news and we all think we know what it is and when to use it. However, when we look at putting a blog on our business website, it needs to be with good reason and so more deeper exploration is needed. This episode looks at what we … Read more

Contact page

Shownotes: Every business has a different reason for building a website – it might be to sell flowers online, promote their conveyancing services or both. However, if your potential customers need to contact you about the service or product and you don’t have a clear and easy way to do this, you may end up … Read more

About page

Shownotes: Arriving on a new website can be quite daunting. Will it sell what I’m looking for? Where do I go to find that information? How does the menu work? All completely normal questions. So where do you usually look for help. The About page. Finding out who is behind the business name and understanding … Read more


Shownotes: Planning a business website at first glance looks simple. You need information about you and your business on your new website and you have a lovely web designer all signed up to help you. However, have you thought about how many pages you’re going to have? Do you know what content you’re going to … Read more